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I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritus, Scleroderma, Raynaulds. I've was only diagnosed 3 yrs ago but ive suffered for around 20 yrs I pray they do find something to help I take 1000m cellcept a day Im 57 yrs old so things are getting harder and harder.

I have a maternal cousin who was diagnosed with coeliac disease at 40 years of age.. we suspected that my maternal grandmother may have died from the disease in her 40s. Then low and behold at the ripe old age of sixty I too was diagnosed with celiac disease. I had had a history of eczema, sinus, acne, lactose intolerance. But the ironic thing about all this is that it was due to my Parkinson's diagnosis that I got diagnosed with coeliac. Talking to my neurologist I said my toes are going numb and it was suggested I have a basic blood test for coeliac.
I think the discovery of the connection to our brains and inflammation in our guts if it had come many years earlier may have prevented my PD diagnosis. All the while I tell my story it may or may not be important but I think the commonality of people's stories should be captured and explored in some shape or form.
I've been diagnosed since September 2013 the same year I was diagnosed with breast cancer which is in remission. And now 8 years on my medications aren't working so well and I will be looking at DBS surgery later in the year.
All the best for you talented researchers out there.
But more than anything I think we need to prevent these diseases happening by investigating the environmental links in our food chain.
Thanks for reading🙂

In our Parkinson's Support Group most sufferers have a farming background and were exposed to herbicides and weedicides of the 50' and 60's - dieldrin etc - often as children.
These were banned in more recent years. Is there a link.

Recently I had abdominal surgery. Using a pigs intestine and performed with the help of a robot.