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I would love to express my gratitude to all the Scientists who are working on and have achieved sooo much during my life-time, before and beyond!! There’s an expression I hear often, “ It’s amazing what can be done these days!!” And it’s true and many thanks to all of you!!
Personally, I have survived, a broken arm when I was a child, childbirth x2, many infections, uterine cancer and much more!!
I am 72yrs old and hope to live a lot longer in good health!!
It wasn’t all that long ago when an average life span was about 40!!
We are very lucky to be alive now!!


I have RRMS I was diagnosed in 2011 I have a neurologist I see at St Vincent’s Clinic in Sydney I have been on many drugs some which I reacted to! One of these was Gilenya and I was hospitalised for a week under the watch of Dr Ian Sutton my neurologist! I currently give myself injections every 3 days of Copaxone and I am now in remission!

I have severe Osteoporosis, broken two knees and both wrists and just told that my hips are in a bad shape. I am still in a cast from my last break also it is my right arm, consequently there is not much I can do without my right arm. I will be having a fusion early September which is supposed to assist me, I hope. I am 82 years seem to run around without being careful,I forget that I have poor bones. Thank you.

22 years stopping HRT I gradually lost strength in my legs
I returned too WA visit the GP
given Voltaren cream
Returning too Tokyo I could hardly
lift my legs but once I got moving I kept going
When I couldn’t lift my legs into the car I decided to go to a Japanese doctor
He diagnosed Polymyalgia
and gave me steroids
As my arm strength was good I thought not polymyalgia
One year later I weaned off Steroids
and could walk well
20 years on I’m told I didn’t have
Poly myalgia but Myositis
It ?
Why so long for a diagnosis?